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High levels of cadmium have been found in jewellery
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Some imports of costume jewellery have been found to contain a high presence of the toxic chemical and children, in particular, are at risk of exposure through skin contact or when objects are placed in the mouth. Tests on items of jewellery passing through Finnish Customs have found high levels of cadmium, according to the Finnish Chemical Safety Agency (Tukes). Some items imported from China contained particularly high levels of the toxic heavy metal,such as the ring or necklace and earrings-dependent parts.
From December 2011, cadmium will be banned from all jewellery products because of its carcinogenic effect. Cadmium is a heavy metal that has been used in jewellery. It is highly toxic and harmful to the environment. Cadmium and its compounds can cause cancer and cause genetic damage. Tukes has called on jewellery manufacturers and merchants to comply with restrictions.
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